10 Eating Tips for a Healthy Balanced Life

If you were asked whether you would trade your family’s health for a billion dollars, would you?

No matter what your response is, even the richest man in the world would not say yes.

But, do you know, we harm our body every day by simply breathing.


You breathe contaminated air and there is no way you could avoid the intake of air. A simple glass of water that we take in under the impression of it being a purifier is not pure in itself.

Water purifiers do not cleanse water of the dirt or such elements, but also remove the basic nutrients present in liquid gold.

As if this was not enough, the World Health Organization came up to claim that all we eat consists of 5-6% pesticides and alike. But then, there are ways to induce eating tips for a healthy balanced life.

A warning issued in personal interest

Habits of eating can either be bad or good for our health and there is just a fine line to distinguish between the same.

For instance, the usage of potatoes is rather important for a good diet, but it’s intake more than 3-4 times in a week could unpleasantly kick your fats. The same goes for water.

Ideally, an average adult requires 3-4 liters of water in a day. But if we force the system to consume 7-8 liters in a day, it will forcefully flush out the good as well.

Eating habits which include snacking unusually or too much at once, initiate the cycle of messing up with the comfort of or digestion system. Consumption of acidic drinks more than once or twice in the week is enough to cause you issues related to bowel movements and weaken your teeth.

Eating Tips for Healthy Balanced Life

Fix up a schedule

Fix up an eating schedule that suits you and do not go in for the basic health charts or diet charts prescribed by anyone. Pay a visit to a dietician and then devise a health plan with them. Everyone’s body needs a different level of calories hence, the waiting plans should be devised carefully.

Include citrus fruits in your diet

Citrus fruits help out in cutting the unwanted fat layer that exists in the body. Not only this, but it also helps your body to digest food at a better speed. You could go in for lemon in plain water 40 minutes after dinner.

Limit your water intake

Water consumption is required to be strictly drunk only after 40 minutes of eating and 1.5 hours before a good meal. The amount of water to be taken in at a time should be limited to 500ml as the body cannot accept high volumes at once.

Do not distance your meals

Leaving long gaps between meals can leave your body craving for food, which will affect you adversely when you eat anything. If your body has not eaten for a good 3-4 hours, whatever it feeds on next, will be poison for it. Hence, build a chart that allows you to snack on nutrition now and then.

Shift to rock salt

Though a little bit expensive, usage of rock salt is amongst the best eating habits one can follow. Rock salt is lighter for the body and is used less than regular salt. Lighter the better.

Use bread as an ornament only

Consumption of all sorts of bread should be limited to ornamental purposes. This means bread should be eaten as less as possible and attention should be shifted to as many veggies as possible.

Make it a habit to visit the grocery store

Picking up the veggies and fruits for one or two days at a time has proven to be a better way of intaking them. Visiting a grocery store helps your body move, your mind takes a break and most importantly, you get the best pick.

don’t go in for a fruit mix

It is a common notion that people prefer eating 3-4 fruits at once in a mix or one after the other. This does not help the body. Distancing the time to eat fruits can help your body use them. Remember, eat only one fruit at a time.

Induce proteins

The actual requirement of proteins in a person’s life can only be met with if they have a habit of feasting on non-veg foods a minimum of 2 times a week. If in case it is not possible to go for non-veg, you can easily lookup for a few dairy products made out of low-fat milk.

Limit your milk consumption

Milk if taken in the right quantity can help you but can backfire without any intentions. If your milk consumption is too high like twice a day and all days a week, it can be harmful. Too much milk consumption gets your body to build up unnecessary fat. Hence, limit it to simply half a glass and only 3 times a week.

It is essential to take care of our health especially in the time of pandemic where most of the world is too lazy to work out. Get on your toes for your health, eating habits, and sleep schedules.

Eating tips for a healthy balanced life are numerous and also depend on your body type and requirements. Analyze yourself in the best way possible and only then should you come up with a good diet chart. These tips will come handy when you do so.

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