8 Effective Ways to Fight Anxiety Without Drugs

Stress and anxiety have become extremely common in people these days. We all are so busy with our lives that we hardly find time for ourselves. This results in a lot of stress which further leads to anxiety.

Anxiety can have several effects on our mind and our body. It can negatively impact our health and with time, it can also lead to severe mental and physical disorders.

One way to get rid of anxiety is to take medication. However, these medications may have a lot of side effects on our health. So, it is always better to opt for natural remedies which will help you to deal with anxiety without causing any adverse effect.

Few natural remedies for anxiety:

So here we are with a few natural ways of dealing with anxiety:

1. Practise the art of mindfulness

Mindfulness and meditation can have a direct impact on your thoughts and emotions. It will help you to bring your thoughts under control. You can try to meditate for at least 10 to 15 minutes a day. This is definitely going to have a very good impact on your mind.

There are different ways of practising meditation. Sitting in a relaxed position for a few minutes can also be a form of meditation. Also, make it a point to breathe deeply while you are meditating. Try to focus on a particular point and do not let your thoughts wander everywhere.

At first, you may find it difficult to remain focused for prolonged durations of time but with regular practice, you will be able to master the different techniques of meditation.

2. Go to bed early

Sleep-deprived people always have a greater chance of getting affected by anxiety. You must give your mind sufficient time to rest.

6 to 8 hours of sleep is necessary for every individual. Make it a point to go to bed early. Only then will you be able to get a sound sleep.

Try going to bed every day at the same time. This will make sure that you are able to get your required amount of sleep.

You should try to develop a healthy bedtime habit for yourself. You may do something relaxing before going to bed every night. Reading a book is also a very good way of relaxing your mind.

The better you prepare yourself for your sleep, the better will be the quality of sleep that you get.

3. Speak out

A very good way of dealing with anxiety is to speak your mind out. You can try to share your thoughts and emotions with someone you like and trust. That person will definitely understand your feelings and will come up with ideas that might help you to overcome your stressful situation.

Sometimes, speaking to a stranger might also help. A person who doesn’t know you will not judge you based on your mental state. In fact, he or she may also try to help you out.

Once you have spoken about your thoughts with someone, you will feel a lot less burdened and your mind will also feel relaxed.

4. Never skip your meals

When you are anxious, the thought of eating may seem nauseous to you. However, skipping your meals will only cause the situation to worsen for you.

Your blood sugar level will drop which will trigger the release of cortisol hormone. This cortisol hormone will make you feel even more anxious and stressed out. You will also get weaker and begin to suffer from physical symptoms like shaking and nervousness.

So, you must include proteins, vitamins and minerals in your diet. You should go for 5 to 6 small meals a day. You must also try to limit the intake of carbohydrates and sugar.

5. Cut down on caffeine intake

A cup of coffee may appear to be a stress reliever but it will only increase your anxiety. Caffeine has a direct impact on our nervous system. When you are under pressure, it will only increase your level of anxiety.

Caffeine will also increase your heart rate and will make you feel giddy. If you are someone who is in love with coffee, then you need not give up coffee completely.

If you drink 4 cups of coffee a day, you can reduce it to 1 to 2 cups a day. You can also try decaffeinated drinks. This will make things better for you.

6. Find time for your hobbies

Hobbies can be an excellent way of finding happiness. They will make you feel calm and relaxed and also bring a sense of satisfaction in your otherwise busy life.

Find time for things that you love to do. If your hobby is painting, then make sure to paint something at least once a week.

You may also join a painting class if you want to remain attached to the things that you love to do.

7. Cognitive-behavioural therapy

Cognitive-behavioural therapy can also be used to reduce the symptoms of anxiety. CBT is a goal-oriented process and is mainly aimed at engaging the minds of the participant in something relaxing and productive. It will help you to get rid of your negative thoughts and bring about positivity in your life.

You can go to a trained psychologist who will help you to identify the causes of your anxiety and provide you with proper therapy to get rid of it.

8. Practise yoga

Like mindfulness, yoga is another well-known practice for reducing alertness and anxiety. Yoga allows you to become physically as well as mentally fit and healthy. A lot of yoga poses are there which will help you to get rid of all your anxiety and stress. Yoga increases the level of GABA hormone in blood which helps you to relax. You may also practise yoga to deal with various physical illnesses.

Wrapping Up:

And these were some of the strategies that will help to bring about self-awareness and decrease the signs of anxiety. So hurry up and try these strategies out. You will definitely get valuable results.

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