10 Quick Tips for Living a Better Life

To live a happy life you need to appreciate what you have and stop crying about things you don’t have,

Life is full of ups and downs so if you are feeling demotivated and downed you just need to get up and do things that matters to you most and do it regularly.

So here are some quick and easy life changing tips you need to follow in your daily life to live a happy and better life.

Show Your Gratitude (Be Thankful)

By showing your gratitude you are going to make someone’s day,

Study shows showing gratitude makes people more positive and optimistic about their lives and makes them feel better,

You can show gratitude in many ways, like write thank you letter, speaks to someone happily and thank them for their work, be respectful to others.

Why Gratitude is Good for You

Get Full Sleep (Deep Sleep)

Your body needs to relax after full day of hectic mental and physical work to be able to full charge and do the same work again with same energy.

When you don’t get proper sleep or deep sleep your body will start working less efficiently,

You will not feel energized during day and your work will be affected.

So secret of having a good sleep is go to bed timely, wake up early, stay away from stress and meditate daily.

Exercise Daily (15 Minutes)

Human body is very complex machine it needs proper maintenance to work properly,

That can be done through eating healthy, having proper rest and exercise daily,

You don’t need o weight lift and run for miles,

Just 15 minutes of exercise daily is enough to make your heart pump more blood to your vein and keep your body more flexible and strong.

Laugh Freely

Don’t control your laugh, laugh freely because Laughter is best medicine.

If you want to life a happy and better life and don’t want to laugh freely hows that possible,

You need to free your laugh from your control, laugh like a child.

Take your time during day watch and read something during day that makes you laugh,

Laugh will make your brain and heart more active and will make your positive emotions more stronger.

Eat Healthy

Eating healthy makes your body fit and ready for anything.

By giving proper nutrition to your body you can do more mental and physical work effectively than others who don’t focus on their feeding habits.

Set Your Routine and stick to it

We all have habit of setting morning routine and never following it because it feels impossible to follow,

Set small moring routine goals like waking up early, then mediate in the moring for half and hour and then taking a walk or do something more productive.

If you did manage to keep your routine for long time you will feel more energized and ready to work in morning,

Always try to start your day with positivity and gratitude.

Say No to Stress

Taking stress is not good for health and also not good for a healthy life,

Take your time relive your stress through meditation or try to divert your mind on something else.

Keep your mind out of stress by taking long breaths, whenever you feel stressed take 8-10 long breathes to keep your brain calm during those tense situations.

By taking long breathes your mind gets enough oxygen to make your brain relax and you will feel better and relived.

Have a Mentor to Guide

In life we life often feel lost,

Lost from where we can’t decide what to do, where to go,

In that moment your mentor will help you take control of your life and decide what is right and wrong for you,

Mentor can be your family member, teacher, friend, anyone who is always there for you to show you the right path when everything feels lost and broken.

Be Curious, Question Everything

When there is something in your life you don’t understand, han be curious find out what’s that things is all about,

Have you ever thought why other think differently on same topic then you,

Your own beliefs, religion, way of thinking all play a major part in your life that makes you feel happy and satisfied in your life and other day make you sad.

When you think about all those things and things that are around you you will feel the reality how much a person’s thought process can change their way of living their life.

Start Saying ‘No’

Have courage to say NO to things that you don’t like,

Don’t feel obliged to say YES to everything in your life,

Be mindful and stop peoples from taking benefit of your kindness, people will always try to fool you and take advantage,

Don’t be a ‘Yes Man’ be truthful to yourself,

Don’t feel bad for saying no to things that you really don’t care about, remember you are just turning down that one opportunity not the person who came up with.

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