Best Twitter Accounts To Follow for Personal Finance

Personal finance is very important for everyone one of us. As we all know it’s taught so much in our education systems around the world.

We need to learn it while doing it and having some great tips around the same is a great idea to build better habits.

We do spend a lot of time on social media so this post is all about the best twitter accounts you can follow on Twitter so you will get some good ideas around personal finance in your feeds anytime you are scrolling. That’s going to be super helpful.

These twitter handles are in no particular order.

Naval (@naval)

Probably the best tweeter account I personally follow and recommend to everyone else.

He also has own website where you can get more of his articles and thoughts:

Website: Naval

Balaji Thotadri (@iam_balaji)

Bio: Chief Financial Officer @ Leading Edtech Company. RT’s are not endorsements. Passionate about Personal Finance. #personalfinance

Sharing tips and his personal experience around personal finance regularly.

Get Wiser (@GetWiser)

Bio: Sharing wisdom from great men | Quotes | Actionable Ideas | Lifelong Learning.

More than just finance. Tweets are in general beneficial for everyone. Getting these small and good nuggets in your feed is great. Try reading some latest tweets you’ll love this account.

Wise Bread (@wisebread)

Bio: Personal Finance and Frugal Living Portal.

Get tips from some of the really great experts in the finance field.

The Penny Hoarder (@thepennyhoarder)

Bio: We’re one of the world’s largest personal finance websites on a mission to help our millions of readers worldwide earn and save money.

As the bio itself speaks more than we can explain. Get personal finance tips on the website which are generally shared over twitter as well.

MoneyTips (@MoneyTips19)

Bio:Practical tips to help you manage your money responsibly – I am not a financial advisor

Some really great tips and everyday with tweets.

Pat’s Fat Stacks (@PatsFatStacks)

Bio: Trying to get my Stacks so FAT! Commodity Trader 9-5 | MBA | Money and Trading | Former D2

Get tips on finance, trading, investment. Knowing what people think about different sector can really open up your perception.

The Money Wizard (@MoneyWizardd)

Bio: Books | Financial Education, Brain | Mindset Motivation, School | What Should Be Taught In Schools, Personal computer | Learn How To Leverage The Internet

Money advice, quotes from people and more discussion around money. Definitely checkout.

Daily Money Tips with LewisπŸ’Έ (@investwithlewis)

Bio: Personal Finance | Stock Market Investor | Student

Daily finance, money tips in your feed.

Manisha Thakor (@ManishaThakor)

Bio: VP, Financial Wellbeing at Brighton Jones. Host, #trueWELLth podcast. Passionate financial literacy advocate for women.

Being in finance and working she shares really great insights. Her main tweets are around investing.

Carl Richards (@behaviorgap)

Bio: Creator: Sketch Guy column @nytimes

He puts some really complex ideas into simple to understand sketches. His sketches will make you learn anything with more impact.

Ben Carlson (@awealthofcs)

Bio: Trying to bring some common sense to the world of finance

This is what he is doing, sharing finance tips that are useful for everyone. As in the finance world some people make things very complex he tries to do it in a very simple manner

Samir Arora (@Iamsamirarora)

Opening up discussion around investing and finance. Sharing his thoughts. Get best content around finance.

Rohit Chauhan (@rohitchauhan)

He is full on into investing. Investments can be really helpful for making more money in long run.

Vivek (@Vivek_Investor)

More content relate to investing, finance in your feed

D.Muthukrishnan (@dmuthuk)

Bio:Certified Financial Planner. Not a registered investment advisor. Enjoy sharing thoughts on investing, personal finance and more.

His views around money and finance are really great. Dive into tweets and discussion to see how much you can learn from him.

These are not the just only good twitter accounts, there are way more that can resonate with you.

I would say take these accounts as a starting point and as you engage more you will discover amazing people in the same niche and this keeps growing.

Which are your favourite personal finance twitter accounts?

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