Words You Will Relate if You are From Lucknow

Lucknow is the City of Nawab, People of Lucknow are known for their ethnicities, they always give respect to others.

Lucknow City is the capital of Uttar Pradesh (the largest State in India by Population), Lucknow is famous for its multi-culture,

In the 18th, and 19th centuries, Lucknow was called the cultural and artistic capital of North India,

Now Lucknow has become a Metro city and going through rapid development in every field.

Some famous place you must have heard of are in Lucknow that attracts lots of tourist from all over the country and the world like

  • Bara Imambara (Bhulbhulaiya), Asfi Imambara
  • Chhota Imambara
  • British Residency of Lucknow
  • Rumi Darwaza
  • Nawab Wajid Ali Shah Zoological Garden ( Lucknow Zoo spread across 71.6-acre)
  • Dilkusha Kothi
  • Janeshwar Mishra Park
  • Husainabad Clock Tower (Tallest clock tower in India)

list of famous places will go on and on.

People of Lucknow even use slang with respect😀

Pehle Aap पहले आप

Every person in Lucknow out of respect always gives other people the first chance.

Lucknow 1

Amaa Yaar अमा यार

When we get irritated with things,

Lucknow 2

Huzoor हुज़ूर

To address someone with respect

Lucknow 3

Gareebkhana गरीबखाना

Even if the house is super modern house but people of Lucknow always introduce their house with the word Gareebkhana (Poorhouse)

Lucknow 4

Tashreef Rakhiye तशरीफ़ रखिये

Have a seat.

Lucknow 5

Mohtarmaa मोहतरमा

(Respected Madam)

Lucknow 20

Hai Allah हाय अल्लाह


Lucknow 7

Aap Zara Aukat me Rahiye आप जरा औकात में रहिये

Even when they get angry they address others with respect

Lucknow 8

Takalluf तकल्लुफ

Formalities are called Takalluf

Lucknow 9

Rukhsat रुख़सत

When we say goodbye to someone or you can say farewell.

Lucknow 10

Bhaukaal भौकाल

Lucknavi don’t have swag they have Bhaukaal

Lucknow 11

Ganjing गंजिंग

Have an evening walk and shop at Hazratganj area is called ganjing,

Ganjing is pretty famous in Lucknow

Lucknow 12

Kantaap कंटाप, Lappad लप्पड़


Lucknow 13

Tafri तफरी

Have fun with everyone

Lucknow 14

Chakallas चकल्लस

Have a good time and laugh

Lucknow 15

Ekdum Vaahiyat एकदम वाहियात

When things are too bad like any movie show, any dish, (so bad)

Lucknow 16

Jaahil Insaan जाहिल इंसान

The person who behaves like he has no sense of manner, (illiterate person)

Lucknow 17

Kaahil काहिल

Every family and friend have one Kaahil (lazy) friend in their group.😆

Lucknow 18

Janaab जनाब

(Respected sir) for men

Lucknow 19

Mohtarma मोहतरमा

Used to address women with respect, (Respected Madam)

Lucknow 20

Thoda Khiskengey थोड़ा खिसकेंगे

Happens when a person sitting next to you doesn’t give you enough space to sit properly, then you have to say Thoda khiskengey ( will you shift a little bit).

Lucknow 21

Khisak Gaya Hai Kya खिसक गया है क्या

When someone makes mistakes we yell at him khisak gaya hai kya ( are you out of your mind).

Lucknow 22

Bakaiti बकैती

Talking nonsense is called bakaiti, gangs of groups do it most of the time

Lucknow 23

Paglait Hai Poora पगलैट है पूरा

Used when we find someone who behaves like a mad person and responds to instructions clearly.

Lucknow 24

Betaa बेटा

The literal meaning of the word Betaa is son but the Betaa word is used by friends to address each other which means Brother.

Lucknow 25

Kantaap Khaogey कंटाप खाओगे

You are going to get slapped

Lucknow 26

Kato कटो

When Lucknowai people get super angry with someone they just say to the person Kato (get lost) to ease the situation

Lucknow 27

Khisak Lo Bahut Teji Se खिसक लो बहुत तेजी से

Another word to say is that when you are angry,

Lucknow 28

Jyaada Nawaabi Chaa Rhi Hai ज्यादा नवाबी छा रही है

When someone behaves like they own everything and can say anything to someone, in those situations we say Jyaada Nawaabi Chaa Rhi Hai

Lucknow 29

Saari Nawaabi Ek Hi Baar Mein Nikaal Denge सारी नवाबी एक ही बार में निकल देंगे

Used when someone shows attitude to a Lucknowai person,🦾

Lucknow 30

How to Use Lucknow Slangs

Here are some examples of how these words and phrases are used:

  • Amma Yaar!: This is often used to express surprise or excitement. For example, if you see a really beautiful woman, you might say “Amma Yaar!”
  • Bhaukal hai bhai ka!: This means that someone is very influential or impressive. For example, if you hear that a local politician is very powerful, you might say “Bhaukal hai bhai ka!”
  • Chirkut hai wo!: This means that someone is stingy or cheap. For example, if you know someone who is always trying to get out of paying for things, you might say “Chirkut hai wo!”
  • Dilli Walla mat bol!: This is a derogatory term used to refer to someone from Delhi. For example, if you are from Lucknow and you don’t like someone from Delhi, you might say “Dilli Walla mat bol!”
  • Guftagu karte hain?: This means “Do you want to talk?” For example, if you see someone you know on the street, you might say “Guftagu karte hain?”
  • Hum Lucknow sey hai: This means “I am from Lucknow.” For example, if you are from Lucknow and someone asks you where you are from, you might say “Hum Lucknow sey hai.”
  • Lucknowi zubaan bahut khoobsurat hai: This means “The Lucknow dialect is very beautiful.” For example, if you are from Lucknow and someone compliments your accent, you might say “Lucknowi zubaan bahut khoobsurat hai.”
  • Toota nahi hai mera paisa: This means “I don’t have any small denomination of money.” For example, if you are trying to buy something and you don’t have any change, you might say “Toota nahi hai mera paisa.”
  • Shukriya!: This is a polite way of saying thank you. For example, if someone does something nice for you, you might say “Shukriya!”
  • Wallah!: This is a word that is used to add emphasis to a statement. For example, if you are trying to convince someone of something, you might say “Wallah! It’s true!”

Lucknow slang is a unique and interesting part of the city’s culture. If you are ever in Lucknow, be sure to learn a few of the local slang words and phrases. You’ll be sure to impress the locals with your newfound knowledge!

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