Daily Life Hacks Which You can use Starting Today

We tried putting down some really great life hacks which are not too specific to something rather they are for daily life in general and pretty common.

  • Wake up everyday at a fixed time like 4:30AM, 5AM it helps in making your body clock work better. If you sleep everyday at a different time, waking up at a completely different time, You might feel lethargic and tired oftentimes. Try to go to bed and wake up around the same time each day except when itโ€™s really not possible
  • Always keep important documents in digital formats stored in Google Drive or Dropbox or even send to yourself over email.
  • Try running. You might be surprised how helpful just one activity can bring in your life. Also, becoming a better runner might be another advantage as well in some really emergency situations.
  • Want someone to lie or not? Pay close attention to their eyes and ask more questions.
  • Learn cooking, itโ€™s going to save huge costs plus you will be more mindful about what you eat.
  • Use flux on your computer and mobile to reduce eye strain caused by blue light.
  • In your computer/laptop change the setting of the close lid to go to hibernate after some 10-20mins so instead of sleep mode where the battery will drain your laptop will go to hibernate which everything saved and no battery drain.
  • Getting overwhelmed and not able to complete goals. Try to reduce them if you have too many, make them just 1 or 2 and focus on less goals as you complete more you can go more goals.
  • Start SIP or investing as early as possible and continue doing it. Itโ€™s going to bring some financial stability later on in life.
  • Want to save huge costs? Drink a lot of water daily. This thing alone can save you from a lot of problems.
  • Take naps if you feel exhausted during the day. A short nap can get you charged for the rest of the day.
  • Before buying something really expensive. Calculate how much time it takes for you to work to earn that much and now think is it worth it?
  • Worried about email spam? Use temporary email services to signup and check there offering.
  • On Windows – Windows Key + E opens Explorer. Probably the most used program. Learn to use shortcuts and become a tiny bit faster.
  • Get into the habit of writing down. Whether itโ€™s todoโ€™s , meeting notes and your daily life in general Try to write, summarize something everyday.
  • If you donโ€™t ask the answer is always NO. Ask things which you want and see the magic by yourself.
  • Chewing gum can make you less nervous in situations as it tricks the brain as everything is fine because you are eating something which is not normal in nervous situations.
  • Learn to accept fault in front of people no matter at which position you are. It will make other people open in front of you as you care about them and accept whatโ€™s wrong. Most people donโ€™t and people stop opening up in front of those people.
  • No amount of money has ever bought a single second.
  • Learn to use the credit card in the right way. If something you canโ€™t buy in cash donโ€™t buy it via credit card because you canโ€™t simply afford it.
  • Learn typing on a keyboard. You might be amazed how efficient you become while using the computer in general and typing stuff. Now you can write thoughts at much faster speed which is great.

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