Let’s Use Instagram for Something Productive

Let’s Use Instagram for something good productivity,

We all know Instagram is our guilty pleasure app to use, Instagram now has reals feature just like TikTok to keep you hooked in-app.

The audience of Instagram is 1 billion+ monthly active users they create a hell lot of content, every type of content creator is on Instagram,

The only thing you need to do is find and follow those great Instagram account for positivity and productivity.

Gary Vay-Ner-Chuk (@garyvee)

Gary Vay-Ner-Chuk or Gary Vee is one of the best examples of who don’t just talk and never do it,

He is one of the people who lead with examples, everything he says or gives you direction to do he already done it in his life.

Gary Vee is master in creating content, he almost available on all content platform,

The best thing about Gary Vee is he always goes for homerun,

he won’t talk about things you already know or give the motivation speech you already heard thousands of times.


MINDSET THERAPY™ (@mindset.therapy)

You have a dream and you don’t know how to achieve it,

Mindset Therapy will give your mind a motivational booster to trust your self, do what you want to do, you don’t need anyone except you to achieve your dream.

It will make you feel what success is all about when you know what success is for everybody then you will be to know what you actually want to achieve in your life.



You don’t need always motivation to do great things,

Sometimes you need to slow down know whats going on around you,

Happpsters is all about mindfulness tips and Puppies🐶

Take a back seat go through posts and you will feel relaxed and calm because there is nothing is more important than you.

Selfcare is the best thing you start doing in your life.


Mind of Habit (@mindofhabit)

Mind of Habit is great source of personal development, boosting confidence and setting your success mindset.

You can not achieve success in life your mind is always diverted on different things,

You need to develop a tunnel vision towards your goal in life.


Wisdom ⋆ Light ⋆ Love (@mindsetofgreatness)

Setting the mindset on something is not easy,

It takes time and dedication,

Mindsetofgreatness provides you access to all the positivity that can help you achieve greatness in your life and be more positive and thankful.


Female Collective (@femalecollective)

In this world of men, women are always neglected.

It’s time to change that way of thinking and help them grow and become something in life that they always wanted,

They can bring more positivity in the world then we think,


Girlboss® (@girlboss)

Girls are always boss you accept it not,

Girlsboos is totally dedicated to empowering women in every way possible.

They need a little bit of motivation to get going when they set their minds on something no men in the world can stop them.


CNBC MakeIt (@cnbcmakeit)

You need to get smarter in life to get ahead of others,

You will get information of the world and nice insights about things you don’t know.

Positivity, real-life examples are shared to get you in a positive mood.


THE FEMALE HUSTLERS © (@thefemalehustlers)

The account is completely focused on females who want to do something in life and be the boss of their life.

You can be your boss if you behave like that, you need to focus on things that matter in life.


Motivational Quotes (@motivation_mondays)

Nobody likes Monday because Monday forces us to move on to the next day start doing things you may or may not like.

You can make every Monday of your life happy if you start focusing and working on your dream,

If you started focusing on your dream you will love to work little more to be able to achieve your dream goal in life.


Entrepreneur (@entrepreneur)

It’s all about Entrepreneurship,

You will get inspiring stories from successful persons,

How successful people take success and money in life is totally different from avg person out there trying to be successful.


If you like reading the list of Instagram accounts to follow for positivity, productivity and motivational in life then don’t forget to share it with the world.

Photo by Patrick Schneider on Unsplash

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